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danny trejo and steve buscemi in a buddy comedy

A live action JCA movie that takes place like a decade after season five and its final closure for season five being garbage


Gets really attached to the idea of an experimental housing unit for supernatural criminals overseen by one caretaker who lives with them and though their relationships get off to a really rocky start they begin to slip into a family dynamic

Steve Buscemi in Spy Kids 2

lets play what character do i remind you of?



it can be from any fandom so go inbox me eheh

oh boy yeeee

This Fanfiction Will Destroy Me

My blog last year is an adventure


Imagine shendu going on dragon otherkin forums and thinking he’s found other demons tho


My ideal man is blonde British has tons of money and is possessed by an ancient fire demon

Reminder that I will be at otakon again this year as mako from klk and will give u a lil smooch if u come find me and yell my url at me